A good time ruined

I was pretty worried and mad when right in the middle of this totally awesome university get-together our friend was throwing, her central heating and broke down! It was the middle of the winter, so it was absolutely needed to have quality heating.

Even though all of us university youngsters were drunk off our heads, the point is the people I was with and I still needed to have central heating to continue the get-together! The get-together had to come to an early end and almost everyone went lake house to their lake house rentals or university dorms. And our friend had to call the local heating and a/c dealer after minutes and order emergency heat and repair service. This was going to be pretty costly, but however, our friend comes from a rich family and her parents will end up paying for it, so it is no thing to him! I legitimately hung out and stayed with our friend while she waited for the emergency heat and repair repair to arrive. It was freezing but I was so drunk our body was able to assume warm enough with a coat on. I babbled with our friend about nonsense in the meantime until the certified heating and a/c specialists arrived. They could tell that a get-together was just going on and that the people I was with and I were a little drunk. They laughed and said they would have the central heating and back up in no time. And lo and behold that is exactly what they did; My friend then had another get-together the following weekend and all was great!

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