A sales contest through the month of November

My boss is a really sneaky guy and this year he came up with a great contest to increase sales at the end of the year.

All through the month of November, he held a contest between all of the HVAC repair employees.

All of our sales were added up at the end of the month and the person with the most sales won a prize. The owner of the company came up with a very cool prize which was the newest video game system on the market. It was a $500 prize and something that each one of our children had on their Christmas wish list. It was the perfect prize for the contest, especially since it was so difficult to find and stores. I really wanted to win the game system for my two sons. They really wanted the game, but there was no way that my wife and I could afford to spend that much money on a video game console. That’s our grocery budget for the month! We can buy food for four people with that amount of money. Buying the video game was out of the question, but winning it was an attainable goal. I worked hard every night and I took any job that came my way. I knew I was leading at the middle of the month, but the end of the month was slow for everyone. I had no way of knowing if I would win the HVAC contest and cool prize. My kids sure were shocked and surprised on Christmas morning when they opened up the brand new game system. I will be proud of that for a long time.

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