A severe security breach at my bank

I was raised by my crazy Uncle Pedro, who did not trust the establishment.

He didn’t trust politicians, or cops, or lawyers, or doctors either! He was convinced everyone was out to get him, but thankfully not to a degree of certifiable insanity.

Did he trust banks? You better believe he did not trust banks. If he had money, or wanted to save money, he did it the old fashioned way — with an antique wrought iron safe in his basement. The safe was too heavy to move, too thick to open, so it was the only place he knew his money was safe. Maybe Pedro was right, because a cybersecurity breach at my bank just wiped out all of my funds. I understand that this is only temporary and my funds will be recovered or compensated, due to the network security agreement my bank gave to us. To give their customers peace of mind they gave us all written notification of the cybersecurity measures being enacted, so we would know they were working around the clock to protect our investments. In the event there is a data security breach and data or money is stolen, the bank will cover it. I’m no expert in server security, but I don’t need to be as long as they stand behind their promise to protect my money. Uncle Pedro would call me crazy for trusting a bank in the first place, and I know he wouldn’t trust cybersecurity from anyone, but then again he was crazy and eventually forgot the combination to the safe.
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