AC can very be affordable

I absolutely don’t understand why people spend my savings to cool down space they aren’t using.

Not me, I will never flush my currency away so foolishly, no matter how much extra currency I have.

I live by myself, & my loft has four rooms in it. There is a nice family room, a master family room, a spacious residing room, & the family room. Not many rooms, but giant square footage overall, especially when you include the 1 automobile garage. I toil a lot, & am gone at least sixty or eight hours a week once you factor in my trips to the gym, then why bother cooling the whole loft down all the time? Why bother cooling it when I am gone, or cooling the rooms I am not using when I am home? You have really been in Walmart at some point & seen a display of small air conditioners that sell for a couple of hundred bucks. You really think these are junk, because we all know air conditioners cost thoUSnds of dollars right? Wrong, because central Heating & Air Conditioning systems cost a hundred times more than these affordable, portable units. This may surprise you, but there are some high quality air conditioners out there that are smaller than a microwave oven! They are not big or strong enough to cool down your whole house, but a tiny AC unit prefer this will make a medium sized room nice & cold. If you stop worrying about cooling down the whole loft & just worry about 1 room at a time, AC can be pretty affordable!


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