Adding attic insulation to lower heating & cooling costs

The weather in my area requires some type of temperature control just about all year round.

Our summers are hot and humid with temperatures often up in the mid nineties.

The winters were brutal with below freezing conditions and ungodly windchill. The cost of heating and cooling adds up to around fifty percent of our annual energy bill. I’m always looking for ways to reduce the workload of the furnace and air conditioner to save money. I’ve installed a smart thermostat to help with conserving energy when we’re not at home or sleeping. I’ve added ceiling fans to push the heat toward the floor in the winter and force it up toward the ceiling during the summer. Replacing the old windows and caulking around them helped to minimize energy waste. The last time I hired a professional HVAC contractor to come to the house and service the furnace, I asked for recommendations to further tighten up the house. He took a look at the attic and suggested that I replace the insulation. Over the years, the insulation had definitely become compromised by moisture and rodents. It was no longer providing an effective barrier against the weather. The HVAC contractor provided an estimate on removing the old insulation and installing new. I decided I could save some money and handle the job myself. It was horrible. I spent hours crawling around in the overheated, stuffy attic, pulling out damp, disgusting insulation. I was drenched with sweat the entire time. I then had to unroll and install the new insulation. While I regretted taking on the job, I am satisfied with the energy saving results.

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