After graduation

I will be graduating middle school this coming year, as well as let me tell you that I already suppose exactly what I want to do after graduation… Most of my peers are going to be going off to schools to become doctors, lawyers as well as whatever else; But as for me, I am not going to do that.

I am going to school to become a certified HVAC specialist! I have been interested in getting into the HVAC industry for the last few years ever since my Grandfather taught me some things about heat as well as air conditioner repair, and he had been toiling as a certified HVAC specialist himself for decades as well as had just recently retired.

He is the a single who got me interested to go this route in HVAC. Heating as well as air conditioning is something that would make a great residing as well as a nice steady work flow. It doesn’t matter if I decide to go as well as start my own heat as well as air conditioner corporation or if I work for the local HVAC business, but either way I will be making a fantastic residing. Heating as well as air conditioning specialists in my section are consistently growing, as well as I surely intend to become a section of that growing trend of business… From what I know, getting my HVAC certification will not take that long… As a matter of fact, I should have my HVAC certification within a few weeks of going to classes. It sure beats years in school as well as getting in debt with those darn school loans!



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