Air purification to the rescue

The result is just the best indoor air I have ever experienced

I really never understood just how important quality indoor air is until I finally experienced it. For years, my wife and I put up with sub par indoor air quality. The pet and cooking odors were constantly recycled by the HVAC equipment. This is because we live in a region where the heating and cooling is pretty much on throughout the year. Our winters are cold and the summer is hot. The spring and fall are quite abbreviated so it doesn’t leave a lot of time where you can open a window for some fresh air. But the indoor air odors were really just part of the situation. While we did our best with deodorizers and the like, we weren’t really addressing the problem. We finally did that last year and it has been tremendous. It took calling the HVAC company for help before we even considered what air purification could do for us. They sent out an HVAC technician who installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC equipment. This air purifier works with the HVAC unit to eliminate airborne contaminants when they come from the HVAC return. As the air hits the HVAC air handler, a beam of UV light cooks the DNA of all the airborne hazards. The result is just the best indoor air I have ever experienced. The air in our home smells so fresh and clean. And I don’t suffer any longer with any sort of allergy symptoms thanks to the whole home air purification system. Had I known that air purification was the answer, I would have had the HVAC company take care of it long ago.

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