Air quality so bad you can taste it

I come from a long line of tough, macho men, and I have never lived up to that legacy.

I am just a bit more delicate than all the other males in our family, for whatever reason; My dad, and his dad, taught myself and others how to hunt, and to fish, and encouraged myself and others to play athletic activitys.

I was never a large guy, though, and the thought of bashing heads with other teenagers didn’t appeal to me. I did like fishing, that was fun, however even then the people I was with and I felt like I was a large wimp. My dad and his pals would go ice fishing with no heating aside from a Wintertide parka. This is how macho they were, because most other sensible people have a space heating system in their ice shack, however nope not our dad! He said that only wimps needed to use a space heater, because real men would generate their own heat. It turns out he was right, and on our first night of ice fishing with him and his friends I l acquired that the concern wasn’t the lack of a heater, the concern was the smell. Imagine 6 big, beefy, hairy, working class men crammed into this tiny space for minutes on end, and tell myself and others what you guess the air quality was like. You truly can’t imagine it, because there is no ventilation at all and the body odor and belches just build up into a kind of fog, however a smell so bad you can taste it, which is far worse than a lack of heating to me.

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