Appreciating zoned temperature control

I’ve become an command of zoned control.

This fairly simple update to my heating and cooling system has most really paid for itself.

I looked into the plan of zone control because my beach house is quite large. There’s several rooms that never get used. I was paying to maintain those empty spaces at the ideal temperature. Plus, I labor from home. I occupy 1 room while the rest of the beach house is empty until the youngsters get off the busy. I was not thrilled with the energy waste of keeping the whole beach house perfectly comfortable while I sat in my office. This system was not only particularly inefficient but put a lot of needless responsibility onto the gas furnace and cooling system. The longer run times would eventually lead to wear and tear, malfunction and failure. I expected the project to require a complete remodeling project. I was amazed with how particularly the HVAC supplier was able to access the air duct and install a series of valves. These valves regulate airflow through the ventilation system and are controlled by separate temperature controls, both of us now have a temperature control mounted in each room that allows us to customize the temperature. Because the temperature controls include wireless linkivity, we’re able to access them through an app on our iphones. I don’t need to even be on the premises to make adjustments. I am not forced to interrupt my workday to make sure the beach house is comfortable when the youngsters arrive beach beach house from school. Plus, I have the ability to target those rooms that tend to get overheated or chilly.



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