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My whole routine is a mess

I am a really routine based gal. I am used to getting up early, doing my group fitness class, going to work, running errands afterwards plus then just being home. Everyday is basically the same and I love it. Now because of the pandemic, our whole routine is thrown off. I now work totally on […]

I liked doing a fitness class

I recently did a girls trip and stayed at the nicest hotel ever. The hotel cost so much money for a few mornings, but I feel it was worth it. My room was about as big as my apartment. The bed was comfortable with really silky sheets. There was a big shower, deep soaking tub […]

There is no gym where I am at

In a few weeks I am going to live down south in the country. On 1 hand I am really happy to move. I am going to leave for a bigger apartment with a large plot of land. I also will be totally secluded. I can walk around in a bikini top or change with […]

Happier at the wellness center

When I lived in the country I used to go for long jogs. My only workout was going for a 30 minute to an hour run everyday. I would change up my paths and how I ran. Somedays I was all about speed and I went a smaller distance. Other mornings I would try to […]

Not doing it the healthy way

My best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks and wants to be in shape for the ceremony. She has not been going about it very well. She doesn’t work out, only watches what she eats. She counts what calories she takes in, drinks a lot of juices and fasts every now plus […]

Was able to look good in my wedding dress

When Horace proposed to me, I was ecstatic. After dating for nearly 5 years, I was doubtful we’d ever get married. I was more than ready to start the next portion of our lives. Rather than take an entire year to plan a big wedding, I set the date for a few months later. All […]

I love a pool based work out

I’ve realized that working out in a swimming pool is super beneficial. While I’ve constantly liked to swim, I started using it for more than cooling off after I developed foot and joint problems. I absolutely overdid the jogging plus jumping rope. My hips, knees, ankles plus feet got so sore that I had trouble […]

I ruined my feet with bad shoes

When I first got hitched, bought a home and had youngsters. Time and cash were in short supply. I had to give up my gym membership plus figure out an alternative for keeping fit. The simple option was to run. All I needed was a pair of shoes plus I could accomplish a productive workout. […]

Might be a bit obsessed

I admit that I am more than a little obsessed with my level of physical fitness. No matter what is going on in my life or with my day to day schedule, I make time for a 60 min workout every single day. I officially get my fitness regiment completed as soon as I get […]