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What could be causing my humidifier not to work

Humidifiers are important for attaining the right level of humidity for a home or office. Humidity levels affect the quality of air in your space and may also determine how comfortable you and your family are. If you find yourself in a position where you must use a humidifier to balance the humidity levels in […]

I am suddenly getting high energy bills

I am one person who values her finances and always works with a budget. This means that I can keep most of my expenses reasonably and avoid making unnecessary purchases. Therefore, it was shocking and disturbing when my energy bills shot to an all-time high a few months ago. Most of my monthly recurring expenses […]

Dealing with a frosted heat pump

Winter is not the most accessible season to have your HVAC unit running. There is always the fear of having the unit frozen when the temperatures drop to deficient levels. What’s more, this is not a surprising occurrence. What matters is understanding how best to tackle such a situation where your heat pump is frozen […]

Common furnace problems and how best to fix them

Furnaces are great until they need serious HVAC repairs. Homeowners know too well that once they decide to buy a furnace for their hetign needs, there are consequent repairs and maintenance practises they must prepare for. This means that smart homeowners are aware of some of the common issues likely to arise with their heating […]

Reducing HVAC system wear and tear

Over time, the heating and cooling system in your home goes through normal wear and tear that causes it to deteriorate and become less functional. You may notice that your AC suddenly takes too long to cool the space it used to cool instantly. For the heat pump, the chances are that you have to […]

Knowing when to give up on your ductwork system

Unfortunately, due to such ignorant yet innocent neglect, the ductwork deteriorates slowly to a point where there is no going back Ductwork can be frustrating when they stop doing the tasks they are meant to. If you constantly have to call your HVAC technician to check whether the ductwork is clean enough or if there […]