Baseball and HVAC Errors

It was about 30 minutes into the wee hours of October 26, 1986.

The Boston Red Sox were one out away from winning the team’s first World Series since 1918 when they blew a two-run lead.

The game was tied when first baseman Bill Buckner committed perhaps the most infamous error in the history of the game, permitting an easy ground ball to pass under his glove that allowed the winning run to score. The Mets eventually won the series and Bill Buckner’s name was permanently sealed into baseball and Red Sox lore. While Buckner was largely “blamed” for the loss, other equally culpable mistakes were made leading up to the big moment. Why did the manager decide not to replace Buckner with a more able glove when they had a lead? Their pitching staff failed to hold a lead and one pitcher threw a wild pitch allowing the baserunner to advance into scoring position. That game reminds me of when my family blamed me for our HVAC shutting down in the middle of a hot summer day. Just as in the game, previous mistakes led up to the event. Earlier, my wife forgot to call our HVAC service company to schedule the regular maintenance and cleaning that every HVAC system needs at least twice a year. Then, my kids fought over the temperature settings causing a problem with the thermostat. But I admit my error was the worst. I tried to make a few “adjustments” myself instead of calling the HVAC technician with the tools to do the job right. I’m thankful that only three pairs of eyes look at me with disdain. Buckner made his big error in front of 50,000 people and a TV audience of millions.

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