Beating back the Winter time Heating & Air Conditioning utility bill

I’m still not easily sure what it is I’m doing up here.

The far north of this country is close to being the opposite of where I hail from.

But, this is where my husbandy got transferred a few years ago. So, this is where I am. The thing is, I just don’t know if I can take these winters. Not sure there is enough Heating & Air Conditioning heating on earth. Nearly everything else I have become completely accustomed to. However, the lack of afternoonlight & more than 2 weeks of the Heating & Air Conditioning furnace are just so strenuous for me to deal with. I come from the land of the afternoonlight where Winter time is a thrilled time. Winter, in my native region, is time to rejoice that the heat is gone. My modern Winter time leaves me searching for heat. The home all of us bought is a bit older & I think the largest part of last years horrible Winter time had to do with the fact. Older homes are generally not absolutely tight homes. It’s just gravity doing its task. So this year, I got busy trying to make the most out of our Heating & Air Conditioning out put & reign in the utility costs. My colleagues tell me it starts with sealing up the house. This makes sense so I got busy replacing weather stripping. Then I got modern storm doors. The windows were resealed & reinsulated. I even went around the home with a caulk gun sealing anything I could find. Then it was up to the attic to kneel down some additional insulation & make sure the attic was sealed up as well. Maybe this Winter time will be a bit better.