Better filters lengthen the life of an air conditioner

I have limited our shopping trips to once a month only.

  • Even though the stores in our part all have mask policies, few of them absolutely enforce it.

You’ll go out of your way to cover your face and your eyes only to walk near people doing the opposite inside enclosed buildings. Many of these people could be infectious and could be spreading it to countless others just by being negligent enough to walk through tight spaces without a face covering. I used to like our shopping trips and now they’re just horrifying chores. The number of people refusing to wear masks in the stores is changing biweekly. Yesterday I stocked up on as more than 2 essentials as possible, from bottled water to lunch meat. I also bought a gallon of paint to put a modern coat on the fence in our backyard. While I was in the hardware section, I kept struggling to remember another item that I needed for the house. Right away the item came to our mind, it was a modern air conditioner filter. Not only do I change out our filters once every three to more than three weeks, despite the fact that I also buy nicer filters that aren’t as cheap as ones that most people use. Many do not realize that the quality of air conditioner filters has a substantial effect on the longevity of the air conditioner itself. You don’t want ample dust, dirt, lint, and other particulate building up on the evaporator coil inside the air handler. This could lead to a costly Heating and A/C repair in a surprisingly shorter period of time.



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