My whole routine is a mess

I am a really routine based gal.

I am used to getting up early, doing my group fitness class, going to work, running errands afterwards plus then just being home. Everyday is basically the same and I love it. Now because of the pandemic, our whole routine is thrown off. I now work totally on my computer plus don’t need to drive into the office. What sucks is that near our office is the core progression gym, grocery store, bank and post office. So now I have been slacking on my workouts and running errands. I don’t have enough time to drive to our fitness class plus go back home to be at our desk at the right time for work. I either need to do a new time or a new day for my fitness class. What would be ideal is driving out after work, doing a fitness class plus then getting my groceries. I could adjust to that routine. The only thing stopping me is the class provided is a different one and run by a new personal trainer. I do a yoga class in the morning with Penny. The after work fitness class is a weight lifting class instructed by Ron. I don’t know how I feel about weightlifting for a workout. On 1 hand, I have never lifted weights before in our life. My arms could use a little muscle. On the other hand, I don’t know I will be stretching or getting much cardio doing his class.


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I liked doing a fitness class

I recently did a girls trip and stayed at the nicest hotel ever.

The hotel cost so much money for a few mornings, but I feel it was worth it.

My room was about as big as my apartment. The bed was comfortable with really silky sheets. There was a big shower, deep soaking tub plus a separate area with a toilet. The hotel of course had a few pizzerias, tennis courts plus swimming pools. My number one area had to be the health plus fitness center. Calling it a gym is just too little of a word. The fitness center had every machine known to man. There was a separate room with bikes for a spin class. There was a yoga station, weights for physical training classes plus all sorts of treadmills. I ended up doing a group fitness class every day however. I realized that I woke up in time to do the yearly fitness class the hotel provided for no charge. I figured why not try it. It would be the only time I would get a chance to do a fitness class. Everyday the class was unique. I did a physical training class that was all weight lifting. The next day I did a hot yoga class plus our last day was a pole dancing class. I enjoyed every work out and the certified fitness experts were all great. After being pampered and utilizing such a great facility, I started looking for a gym back at home. I have found that core progression is a really close fit. They have all sorts of gear, personal trainers plus a wide variety of fitness classes available.



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There is no gym where I am at

In a few weeks I am going to live down south in the country.

On 1 hand I am really happy to move.

I am going to leave for a bigger apartment with a large plot of land. I also will be totally secluded. I can walk around in a bikini top or change with our curtains open without an issue. I also will be right near my parents. The downside is that the country town has nothing in it. There are basically two pizzerias, 1 grocery store plus 1 bank. I recently found out there is no fitness center, body wellness center, core progression, nothing. I am out of luck as far as fitness goes. I found there are smaller end gyms about a few minutes away. I don’t certainly want to drive that far for a work out. My apartment has a backyard shed that is quite large. I am considering renovating plus making it into a gym. I need to buy up-to-date windows that certainly can open. I also need to insulate the shed and get a ductless mini split installed. Finally I will need to purchase some fitness equipment. I am used to going to our core progression gym that has everything. They have weight training machines, cardio devices plus yoga mats. Now I am going to need to purchase all the stuff I care about to use. I also am used to a personal trainer leading my workouts. For the first time in 6 years I am going to be working out by myself. I am not sure how I am going to enjoy this.

Yoga classes

Happier at the wellness center

When I lived in the country I used to go for long jogs.

My only workout was going for a 30 minute to an hour run everyday. I would change up my paths and how I ran. Somedays I was all about speed and I went a smaller distance. Other mornings I would try to go as long as I could without stopping. I had impressive calf and butt muscles from my running mornings. Once I moved into the city I was surprised that I couldn’t run anymore. Running through the town is difficult. The traffic makes it so you have to stop constantly plus look for cars. There are a lot of animals not in fenced homes plus trash all over the road. I felt scared running in high traffic areas and down dead end roads. I love running for a work out and didn’t want to supply it up though. Thankfully I found a body wellness center right in the city. The gym has everything I could possibly want. There are treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines and ellipticals. There is a separate weight lifting area, yoga studio, pool and sauna as well. I rent a locker to keep all our gear in the facility to make it nicer. I now can run everyday, but on a treadmill. I don’t even do that though. Now that I am in a facility with all different machines, I am working our whole body. Occasionally I do arm workouts, swim in the pool or take a fitness class. I am built better than ever now that I attend this facility.

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Not doing it the healthy way

My best friend is getting married in a couple of weeks and wants to be in shape for the ceremony.

She has not been going about it very well.

She doesn’t work out, only watches what she eats. She counts what calories she takes in, drinks a lot of juices and fasts every now plus then. Her eating habits are worse than ever. She every now plus then falls off the wagon plus just binges snacks or something else high in fat. Another issue is that not being physical isn’t going to get her in great shape. Being thin is not enough, I think. Stop eating and you will be small, but don’t you want to look good? I have been trying to encourage my friend to try a group fitness class at the core progression near me… Each class is led by a certified fitness expert. The class does cardio, weight training, balance training and stretching all in a one hour class! You can decide how many times a week you go. I am willing to do a fitness class numerous days a week with my friend. Being physical should certainly help her lose the weight. Also, the fitness class helps you tone and build muscle. That can’t be a negative thing. I recently found that the core progression gym does offer nutritional counseling too. So if she wanted further to be healthy, she could talk to a professional plus get a health plan. I bet she could eat right and not starve herself. Calorie counting and fasting is not a reliable weight loss tactic.



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Was able to look good in my wedding dress

When Horace proposed to me, I was ecstatic.

After dating for nearly 5 years, I was doubtful we’d ever get married.

I was more than ready to start the next portion of our lives. Rather than take an entire year to plan a big wedding, I set the date for a few months later. All of us both wanted a more intimate event with just our close family plus friends. Despite keeping the ceremony small and tasteful, I absolutely hoped to look my best for the ceremony and pictures. Trying on wedding gowns made me realize that I had some work to do. I had gotten lazy about running and indulgent with my eating habits. I’d put on some weight over the last couple of years plus lost muscle tone. I didn’t simply want to get in shape for the ceremony but was looking to make a lifestyle change. I instantly went to the gym and signed up for sessions with a personal trainer and a nutritionist. The quick workouts were harshly gueling. I’ve never pushed our body so hard or gotten so physically weary. There were mornings where I woke up so sore that I had some difficulty getting out of bed. However, I constantly felt really great about myself at the end of each training session, but combining that intensity of exercise with a well-balanced and healthy meal plan provided quick plus effective results. I saw the improvement in the mirror plus certainly felt it in my energy levels. The next time I tried on those dresses, I was ecstatic with our body and proud of myself.


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I love a pool based work out

I’ve realized that working out in a swimming pool is super beneficial.

While I’ve constantly liked to swim, I started using it for more than cooling off after I developed foot and joint problems.

I absolutely overdid the jogging plus jumping rope. My hips, knees, ankles plus feet got so sore that I had trouble getting out of bed in the day. It seemed that just walking around was harshly painful. I worried that I’d need to quit working out for a long period of time. I am lucky that my sister has a gorgeous inground swimming pool and lives less than 5 minutes away. She constantly welcomes me to use the pool! Since my sister is rarely at home, I get the pool all to myself. I bring my little speaker and blast music when I want. I start out by leisurely swimming laps to get warmed up. I then increase the pace of the laps to elevate my heart rate plus eventually switch to treading water for approximately 15 minutes. For the last portion of the work out, I go back and forth in the shallow end. Performing lunges and jumps, running and kicking is rather taxing in the water. The water provides resistance and increases the intensity without any damaging impact. It’s such a pleasurable workout that I worry I’m not burning enough calories or working those muscles hard enough. However, when I get out of the swimming pool, I can feel the deadness in my entire body. Since I’ve been working out in the pool every day, my feet and joints have steadily improved. I have far less pain now. I am hoping that by the time the weather turns cold, I’ll be able to get back to working out on land.

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I ruined my feet with bad shoes

When I first got hitched, bought a home and had youngsters.

  • Time and cash were in short supply.

I had to give up my gym membership plus figure out an alternative for keeping fit. The simple option was to run. All I needed was a pair of shoes plus I could accomplish a productive workout. I hastily became totally committed to running. I steadily increased my pace plus distance until I was running upwards of 10 miles every day. I enjoyed how strong plus fit I felt. I lost weight, toned my muscles plus improved stamina. I then developed plantar fasciitis in both feet. I was running in a pair of 10 dollar sneakers with no arch support. They weren’t designed to absorb the impact of running on the pavement, plus the shoes were worn out. The pain in our feet became so bad that I had trouble simply walking. The splitting sensation from heel to the toe would occasionally wake me up in the middle of the night. I worried that I’d never run again. It took a long time to get my feet healed. I needed to avoid any hard impact, ice them a lot, stretch them plus take lots of pills. I also saved up the cash to buy a good pair of running shoes. I no longer run 7 days a week. I restrict myself to running no more than 3 days per week plus I update my sneakers every year. I rest my feet by weight lifting, swimming, kayaking plus riding a bike. I also need to wear specialized inserts in our shoes to supply added support for our arches.

Weight lifting

Might be a bit obsessed

I admit that I am more than a little obsessed with my level of physical fitness. No matter what is going on in my life or with my day to day schedule, I make time for a 60 min workout every single day. I officially get my fitness regiment completed as soon as I get up in the day. I then have a much more productive day. I am in a great mood, feel accomplished plus am more energized. I don’t need to deal with guilt over everything I eat. I recognize that I occasionally take my commitment a bit too much. I am rarely too sick to workout. Headaches, fever, sore throat plus stomach issues don’t keep me from exercising; Unless I’m vomiting plus unable to get up off the couch, I get my workout in. Occasionally, I feel better afterward. Other times, I make the health issue much worse. Not that long back, I pulled a muscle in my right leg. It was really the most painful thing I’ve ever had. It hurt at all times but became especially drastic whenever I attempted to sit down. The pain was so horrible that I cried. The doctor recommended over-the-counter painkillers plus resting the leg. I managed to skip my workout for a few mornings, but being sedentary drove me insane. On the third day, I drove to the local track. I tried to run and it was agony. I attempted to speed walk and just about crippled myself. I finally convinced myself to stick with upper body exercises.


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At least I can exercise when I can’t sleep

I am often so sleep deprived that I start my day with a headache

I struggle with insomnia, but I waste hours lying in bed just attempting to fall asleep. I’ve read up on the topic and given just about every tip a try. I avoid looking at the TV or laptop screen for at least an hour before bed. I no longer read on my iPad in bed. I occasionally drink herbal tea in the daytime, eat kiwi and raisins. I go through breathing techniques. I run electric fans and specialized sound machines. I’ve bought a new mattress, high-priced bamboo sheets and a soothing gel pillow, and nothing works. I not only struggle to fall asleep but tend to wake up every few hours. Whenever I wake up, the whole falling asleep challenge starts over once more, however the only thing I’ve found that helps is exercise. I don’t know that working out encourages me to fall asleep any faster or easier. It’s just a productive release and relief. When I’m staring at the drywall, getting upset plus feeling weary, I get up plus workout. I spend an hour running on the treadmill, pedaling the stationary bike or lifting some free weights. I workout until our muscles are totally weary plus I can barely rest up… At least I feel as if I’ve accomplished something. I normally wake up in the day feeling sleepy and angry. I am often so sleep deprived that I start my day with a headache. But, once again, physical exertion comes in handy, and despite how hard it is to get started plus moving, I force myself to workout! High intensity cardio gets my blood pumping, drenches me in sweat plus makes me feel better.