It makes traveling much easier for us

My hubby and I spend time between more than one house… We spend approximately half the year at each single house.

  • We remain in the north from sometime in early May to the end of October.

And then, we will head south for the next numerous months. With our living arrangements, the two of us get to like the best weather in both locations. So we are able to avoid the summertime heat plus humidity down south. And we avoid the snow plus sub zero Winter temperatures in the north. However, taking care of more than one house is a big worry. And we stress over the pipes being too cold in our empty place if something should go wrong with the heater. We are always worried over fire, flooding, and even break-ins. We finally invested in a condo automation system for each residence. This system includes a smart thermostat, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, and even moisture sensors. It has all all sorts of security features, and as part of the security system, the condo is equipped with glass breakage sensors and surveillance cameras. It also has automated door locks, and if someone should enter the house, they have a small window of time to punch in a security code before the alarm sounds! My hubby and I get notified right away. And unless it is a false alarm, the authorities are dispatched. We also have the ability to keep an eye on both houses and that’s because of the surveillance cameras. At any time, the two of us can watch a live video stream through our PCs or our tablets or smartphone. The whole automation system has given us much greater comfort and efficiency. It’s really made the process of going back and forth between more than one property easier for us.


Access Control System Installation

T-shirts for sports team

I coach a little league football team for seven to eight-year-old kids. Our organization includes football players and cheerleaders from age five up to fourteen. We have over two hundred kids involved and a whole bunch of volunteer head coaches and assistant coaches. Scheduling practices and games, handling insurance forms and taking care of the necessary fund raising is a lot of work. There’s also the need for equipment, uniforms and apparel. Since all of the coaches take on various responsibilities, I volunteered to handle the apparel order. It was a lot more time, effort, stress and work than I expected. I needed to get all of the kids fitted for uniforms and the correct spelling of their names for the back. Every single parent had an opinion on the style of the jersey and some even suggested changing our team colors. Although it was up to me to choose what type of apparel we would offer the parents and kids for sale, lots of people had ideas for me and argued my choices. I spent quite a bit of time working up an order form, getting the forms handed out and collecting money. Organizing the order and consulting with the print company took forever. When the order arrived at the print shop, I drove there to pick it up. I filled the bed of my truck with boxes of T-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys and caps. It was my responsibility to get everything handed out. Handling all the different aspects of the apparel order was a way bigger hassle than I anticipated, and I’ll never do it again.




Election signs

We certainly didn’t want the opponent to have his signs up before ours.

I recently got very involved in a local campaign for town mayor. I helped with calling up voters and print materials. I was in charge of having signs printed and getting permission to set them up around the community. We hoped to have our signs strategically placed for optimum impact and visibility. We needed signs that people who quickly notice and easily read. We hoped to present our candidate in the best possible light. I started by taking pictures of our candidate. I discovered that he doesn’t photograph well. Getting a flattering picture where he looked honest, approachable and yet dignified was difficult. I spent several hours taking photos of him in different outfits, poses and locations. We also needed to come up with a campaign slogan, choose colors and determine a font for all of the print materials. The whole process was extremely time-consuming as well as frustrating. There were lots of arguments over ridiculous details among our group of volunteers. I then started consulting with a print company to make sure the signs would be the proper size and hold up to our local weather. I was also working from a fairly limited budget. I hoped to be able to afford as many signs as possible, which meant sacrificing a bit of quality. I worried about the timeline of receiving the materials. It was extremely important to get our signs up as soon as possible. We certainly didn’t want the opponent to have his signs up before ours. When the print materials finally arrived, it was a disaster. They had misspelled our candidate’s name. Because of that, however, they rushed the order of the new signs and significantly reduced the price.


Printing services

Signs for park

I am part of a community group focused on beautifying our local area.

  • We’ve organized projects to pick up litter, plant gardens and tear down abandoned buildings.

Our latest focus has been an area that includes a park and hiking trails along a large large lake. There are beautiful views from the small mountains and the opportunity for water activities such as kayaking, fishing, jet skiing and boating. However, the area has been neglected for a really long time. It required maintenance and updates. We needed to improve the bathroom facilities, ensure the safety of the trails and create a picnic and play area. We also wanted to provide the public with plenty of information. This included printing up pamphlets that include the history of the area, details about local wildlife, safety rules and a map of the trails. We needed signs marking all of the trails, rest areas and viewing areas. We needed signs with the rules for the park, hiking and lake clearly provided. These signs are exposed to sun, rain, snow and wind all year round. It’s important that they do not fade, peel, tear or become illegible. We don’t have unlimited funds. The signs need to be durable yet also not detract from the beauty of the surroundings. It was my job to take care of all of the printed materials. It was a lot more time, effort and research than I first expected. I worried over choosing the right colors and font. I stressed over finding the right printing company to handle weather-proof signs. I was concerned the pamphlets wouldn’t arrive in time for our grand opening or show up with typos in them.

custom label printer

New business needs cleaning service

My dad told me that if I was lucky enough to get paid to do what I loved then I would be a very happy man.

He told me that it wouldn’t be so much a job as a passion.

Those words truly sunk in for me because that is exactly what I am doing now. And it all started because my partners and I just wanted to do our own thing. Now, we are looking to do stuff like hire a commercial cleaning service. It all came together when we came together over a shared interest. While it wasn’t our first thought to turn our passion into a business, we were all very ready to get rid of our day jobs as well. So we kept at it and before long we actually had to rent out a space. Initially we did all the carpet cleaning and the other janitorial services. However, as the company continued to grow, doing this just wasn’t sustainable. Plus, we were making enough money to not have to me our own cleaning lady anymore. That was sort of an interesting turning point for me. I don’t know why but hiring a commercial cleaning service put a fine point on the fact that we were actually in business. Well, it’s been a year now and our company continues to succeed and grow. However, it sure is nice not to have to do floor stripping and waxing after a long week fo work. I’m very glad to have given up those duties to the professionals. And we are really pleased with the results of our commercial cleaning service.


Floor cleaning business

Doing my very own commercial cleaning service

There is something to be said for marrying a really bright man.

  • I know because I actually married one.

And he’s not that arrogant sort of smart. He’s witty, kind and compassionate. He is also really smart and gifted when it comes to technology. This led to a nice career right out of college for him. But, it wasn’t too long before he found that working for someone else just wasn’t for him. So he went out on his own. It was lean at first so I chipped in by hiring out as a maid for hire. We did this tandem independent business for several years. However, my husband’s company really took off and it was okay if I went back to not working. However, I really loved having that maid for hire business. So, I decided that I would make the move to being a commercial cleaning service. I wanted to see just how far I could go. Turns out, I was a bit of an early success and haven’t looked back. I’m not sure where this business savvy thing actually came from. However, before long I had a couple of crews who were doing janitorial services all around town. We also featured a state of the art floor stripping and waxing business. This became wildly popular. My cleaning company appears ready to expand again. I’m putting together a crew to do just tile floor cleaning and grout floor cleaning. My smart husband has even inquired about hiring my commercial cleaning service for his company.


Carpet cleaning business

It is saving me bacon here

Periodically there are portions in your life where it feels like the terrible stuff just won’t stop going on.

It’s these times that I have to work really long hours to maintain the sort of perspective that will allow me to push through the worst of those cases. I find that during hard times, there are also these big rays of help plus love. They often come in the form of friends plus one’s support network. This time, for me, it came in the form of short term housing. I have found a bit of joy in the fact that I can get a chance to reset now that I am able to secure short term rental housing. Sadly, my marriage has come apart. My partner plus I just are the great partnership that every one of us once were. Perhaps we have just grown apart or maybe it’s a perspective thing. So overall, it just didn’t work with me living there. However, my partner and I are in counseling plus really working on it. So, I didn’t want to sign some year long lease only to have things work out. Hence, the reset button that I find myself in. But, I have been able to transport to a furnished home that is also a short term home rental. It allows my partner plus I the needed space to receive some perspective to see where every one of us go from here. Yet, with the short term home rental, I am also able to have some ease of moving. Now is not the time to make any more changes than are genuinely needed. It’s not a great situation plus in lots of ways it’s tragic for our partner plus for myself. But there is good hope plus short term home rental is a section of that hope.

executive housing

Connecting with HVAC customers with digital marketing

I remember all those dumb commercials of my youth.

So many of the local commercials were centered around some pretty absurd characters and scenarios.

However, that was really the point. The more attention paid to a commercial, the more people remember what was being sold. It was pretty comical. Yet, just as those commercial were a new way to reach out locally, digital marketing is leveraging a new marketplace as well. Those old commercial were actually doing more than the billboards before them. That is true as well with the advent of digital marketing. TV was a medium that was continually evolving when it came to marketing. That is the same thing the online marketing business is doing with online search. Search engine marketing or SEM is the new, better and local TV ad. But, online marketing is far more precise in its marketing strategy. Instead of a broad appeal, digital marketing aims to help costumers find you where they are looking. This is what makes digital marketing such a great choice for those marketing their HVAC services. With web design and search engine marketing, HVAC companies are able to actually interact with customers where they are. And they are in search engines whenever they are looking for goods and services. The online marketing business is able to use SEO, PPC and link building to drive that business to the HVAC company. This is the way of the future. While traditional marketing has its place, digital and online marketing are able to fully capture the much larger numbers of eyes looking for HVAC services.


Meeting my customers where they are with digital marketing

I embrace the notion that each of my customers has the ability to directly and honestly interact with my HVAC business. It’s an aspect of how I do business and is fundamental to our ethics. The days of just passing out business card and hoping for the best are just outdated. Just having a website that does nothing but act as an electronic billboard is not enough either. Today’s online marketing has evolved with a number of very effective tools. These tools are able to grow and sustain any HVAC company. While it is elemental to be ethical, expert and do good work, the online marketing can leverage all of those qualities into more business. I found this out after my HVAC company’s growth ended up plateauing for too long. So, I took a hard look at how we were advertising. We were woefully behind the times. I made an appointment with a digital marketing business and was amazed with the potential. Through web design and search engine marketing, they turned our online platform into a business generator. Our website was no longer some sort of static online sign. We had people engaging us and we were now able to actually capture these interactions. Then the SEO, PPC and link building just drove business to our site. The customers are online and they are on search engines looking for services like HVAC. So, I am happy and glad to be meeting them there now. It’s only been about six months but we are thrilled with the direction online and digital marketing is taking us.


Search engine optimization

Finding good market capture with digital marketing business

That was the key to the web building for me.

There are plenty of challenges in one’s life. I know that I have been through my fair share. However, the challenge of starting my own HVAC business was one that was indeed the most intense. Yet, I have fared pretty well thus far. I started really small with minimal capital investment. There was enough for a couple of trucks, equipment and being able to hire 2 HVAC techs. The rest was up to me. The more business I was able to land, the more I put away toward advertising. When I hit a certain point, I knew that I wanted to focus that money on digital and online marketing. It just made the most sense to me. There is no doubt that most of my potential clients are out there online using a search engine. I wasn’t exactly wild about using the Google ads because I really wanted a more focused and local approach. So, I went to a local online marketing business to see what exactly they could do for me. What I found was a wealth of digital marketing strategies to help me grow my HVAC business. They started with web design. My old website was transformed into one that was not only professional, intuitive and attractive but also interactive. That was the key to the web building for me. Once that was done, the SEO, link building and PPC strategies drove traffic to my new website. The results were near immediate. And, I am getting far more value from online and digital marketing than I would have from traditional methods.


Online marketing business