I love smart temperature control for frigid days

I do not believe I am the type of lady who is recognizably high repair or difficult to please! Generally, if I can have a jar of peanut butter, a boiling cup of coffee, plus my ipad I am pretty cheerful.

I am wonderful at getting work done plus keeping myself occupied throughout the afternoon.

I am not the sort of lady who needs to order out a lot of food, purchase luxury goods, or spend time out on the neighborhood with my friends to be content. That being said, I do have an area of life that brings me a lot of struggle plus strife. Namely, my indoor air temperature control plus air quality control device is something that I do not compromise on. I am a big fan of having the most energy efficient plus high-powered oil furnace plus air conditioning unit that I can afford. I love calling out my heating, cooling, plus air quality control specialist anytime I suppose enjoy I could use an Heating plus Air Conditioning pick me up. I do not mess around with forgetting my air filter fluctuations, HVAC duct cleaning, or routine Heating plus Air Conditioning diagnostic services. That being said, the most important thing to me is my central Heating plus Air Conditioning plan plus my smart temperature control. If you do not have a smart temperature control I do not suppose what you’re waiting for. As if it wasn’t amazing enough to control your energy expenditure plus advanced temperature control plan right from your iphone, the Winter time brings all the more reason to like a smart temperature control. Adjusting the indoor air temperature before I even get out of bed is the only way that I can even survive the frigid season around here.


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Heat makes workout difficult

Just recently, the outside temperature has soared into the mid nineties. Every day is brutally hot and humid. I try to get up as early as possible to workout. Even at 7 AM, the temperature is usually in the upper eighties. I workout in a screened-in lanai, but there hasn’t been even a hint of a breeze. The conditions are horribly overheated and stuffy. I have bought an electric fan to provide a bit of relief. I adjust the fan to the maximum setting and try to stand directly in front of it. Even with the cool air blowing on me, I immediately begin to sweat. I need to keep a towel handy so that I can mop my face. While I normally drink 16 ounces of water during an hour workout, I’ve lately been consuming a minimum of 32 ounces. If I don’t make sure to drink lots of water, I end up with a throbbing headache. However, drinking that much water also causes me to feel a bit nauseous. The heat is simply overwhelming. I struggle to get motivated. When it’s so hot, I’d prefer to lay on my mat and stretch. When I force myself to get moving, the sweat pours off me. My shirt and shorts quickly become saturated. I typically devote about half an hour to high intensity aerobics. I jump rope, jog in place, jumping jack and perform burpees, mountain climbers and squat jumps. The past few days, I’ve created a puddle of sweat around my feet. I wish there was some way to install air conditioning in the lanai. I’m just hoping the weather cools off soon.

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Good nutrition improves health

When I started complaining of various aches and pains, my mother suggested that I meet with a nutritionist. I wasn’t sure how changing my diet was going to combat pain in my shoulders, back and hips but I was willing to try anything. The nutritionist has taught me how to regulate portions and eat healthy. This improvement of my diet has helped me to lose weight, avoid digestive issues and build a stronger body. I have more energy and my skin has cleared up. The nutritionist introduced me to a variety of superfoods, including turmeric. In my opinion, turmeric is the most effective nutritional supplement available. It provides all sorts of medicinal benefits. I am convinced turmeric is the reason I no longer suffer from aching joints and carpal tunnel syndrome. Turmeric is a spice that has been used in India for thousands of years. The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant and offers power anti-inflammatory properties. To get the most out of it and experience the full effects, I take a capsule of turmeric every morning. Because I no longer deal with debilitating pain, I’ve been able to increase the intensity of my workouts. At one time, it was impossible to lift weights, run, or even support my own body weight in a plank position. Just getting out of bed in the morning was agony. I still check in with the nutritionist regularly. I have made my diet a priority and by including an abundance of vitamins and minerals, I hope to protect and sustain my health.


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Using exercise to combat symptoms of menopause

I am a 55 year-old woman going through menopause. The symptoms have been affecting me for the last four years. I’ve struggled with depression, weight gain, headaches, insomnia and hot flashes. I am unwilling to take any kind of prescription medication because of the long-term, harmful side-effects. I’ve tried all sorts of natural remedies, including various herbal teas and turmeric. The best treatment for menopause is regular exercise. After a strenuous workout, I am always in a better mood. I feel energized, strong and good about my accomplishment. Releasing feel-good endorphins improves my outlook and ensures a more productive day. Keeping physically active helps me to combat weight gain. As I’ve grown older, my metabolism has slowed down. I’ve had to adjust the types of food I eat and reduce the portions. I need to stay away from high fat, processed foods and sugary treats. My daily workout burns a great deal of calories and keeps my muscles strong. Because of this, I enjoy a better quality of life. I continue the hobbies I enjoy, such as gardening, riding my bicycle and playing with my grandkids. Although I still struggle with hot flashes and difficulty sleeping, I’m able to get rid of headaches through high impact aerobics. When I get up in the morning, I often deal with the consequences of exhaustion. It’s not always easy to get motivated for a demanding workout. However, once I’ve pushed myself through a high intensity routine, I always feel refreshed. I make sure to combine all different varieties of exercises, including lots of stretching, weight lifting and static holds.

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Weight lifting helps to eliminate pain

However, as I gradually strengthened the muscles, I was able to eliminate the brace

My workload is handled entirely online. I spend my workday typing on a keyboard. About a year ago, I started having problems with sharp pain in my right arm. It was concentrated mainly in my wrist, forearm and elbow. I googled my symptoms and figured this was a combination of carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. The pain was definitely caused by the long hours of computer work. Since I can’t quit doing my job, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. When I looked into possible remedies, I saw that regular exercise was toward the top of the list. I’ve always been dedicated to a daily fitness routine. I typically concentrate on those exercises that elevate my heart rate. I vary between jogging, cycling, jumping rope and following a high impact aerobic video. When I gave it some thought, I realized that I was totally ignoring strength training. My normal fitness regiment works my legs and doesn’t do much for my arms. I made a point to add in some weight lifting. I restricted myself to no more than eight-pound weights and used high repetition. I slowly introduced push ups and pull ups as well as holds in the plank position. At first, I needed to wear a brace on my right wrist because of soreness. However, as I gradually strengthened the muscles, I was able to eliminate the brace. I also minimized the pain. Noticing the improvement in the shape and appearance of my arms and shoulders, I made an effort to include all muscle groups in my workouts.


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Keeping fit despite sedentary job

My job has me spending approximately eight hours per weekday working on my computer. I stare at a monitor and type on a keyboard. While I am fortunate that I can handle my job responsibilities from anywhere with internet connection, there are some drawbacks. My tasks are entirely sedentary. While I make an effort to get up and stretch every couple of hours, my muscles tend to tighten up. I understand the importance of remaining physically active. I don’t want to gain weight, sacrifice strength or suffer needless health ailments. I hope to counteract the drawbacks of my type of job by making fitness a priority. First thing every morning, I spend an hour working out. It feels so good to warm up my body, stretch my limbs and rotate all of my joints. I devote at least thirty minutes to high impact aerobics. I include strength training exercises utilizing high repetition with relative light weights. I target everything from biceps and triceps to the trapezius muscles. I always complete lots of different styles of abdominal crunches, squats, lunges, burpees and mountain climbers. On the weekends, I try to find activities that get me out and about. Rather than sit on the couch and watch television, I go for a bike ride, take a walk, do some yard work or take my kayak out on the lake. I often head to the gym and participate in group fitness classes. I’m also very conscientious about my eating habits, sleep patterns and the amount of water I drink. Because I keep myself strong and healthy, I am more productive at work.



Starting a new fitness program

About two years ago, I got offered a major promotion at work.

This promotion involved more responsibility but at much higher pay.

I also was required to move across the country. I was super excited to try a new area and start fresh. I saw it as a wonderful opportunity. It was motivation to make a great first impression. I hoped to look my best and feel confident. Since I had two full months to prepare for the move, I decided to make some drastic and positive changes. I started by visiting a local health and wellness center, where I signed up with a nutritionist and a personal trainer. For the initial consultation with the nutritionist, we simply discussed my normal eating habits, likes and dislikes and goals for a healthy weight. She was really knowledgeable and helped me to make some easy yet beneficial substitutions. I have replaced potatoes, rice and pasta with quinoa, cauliflower and couscous. She encouraged me to drink lots more water and stay away from coffee, pop and alcohol. She introduced me to the wide range of healthy herbal teas available. I also added superfoods into my diet, such as kale, blueberries, spinach, nuts and seeds. With her meal plan, I wasn’t hungry all the time. I didn’t feel like I was dieting. I simply changed my eating habits. At the first session with the personal trainer, I got weighed and measured. We also talked about my fitness goals. We met up four times per week, and he led me through a series of very strenuous exercises. Although the workouts were extremely challenging and tiring, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. By the time I moved, I was so happy with my appearance. I felt so very strong and healthy. As soon as I settled in at my new location, I signed up with a personal trainer.

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Sisters boyfriend thinks he’s the fitness expert

My sister’s new boyfriend is one of those people that thinks he’s an expert at everything.

He constantly brags about his skills and knowledge.

When he found out that I am a certified fitness instructor, he immediately told me about his workout regiment. He definitely thinks he’s in better physical shape than I am. He is confident that he can run further, do more pushups and complete more pull-ups than I can. I’d really like to prove him wrong. He doesn’t even workout every day. I’ve seen him run and his form is all wrong. Every time he opens his mouth I want to challenge him to a contest. I’d like to line up side by side and do proper push ups. I’d like to race him. I doubt he can even run further than a mile or two. His idea of a strenuous workout is lifting extremely heavy weights for a couple of repetitions. He has no idea how to go about a proper warm up or cool down. He’s not flexible in the least. I’ve seen him attempt to touch his toes. I can demonstrate a full split in any direction. I can walk on my hands and hold the plank position forever. My sister keeps begging me not to antagonize or challenge her boyfriend. She knows that I’ll end up embarrassing him. I think it would be good for him. He has the mistaken idea that because he’s a man, he’s automatically more fit than I am. He might be able to lift a heavier weight, but he’ll probably hurt himself in the process.

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My mother is in better shape than my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I recently purchased a home together.

The location, size and style of the house is just perfect for us.

However, it is extremely outdated. Nothing has been remodeled in the last thirty years. We are tackling all of the renovation projects with the help of my mom and dad. We’ve ripped out the ugly shag carpets, painted the walls and replaced windows. We gutted the entire kitchen and both bathrooms and installed new cupboards, countertops, appliances and fixtures. We’ve hung new lights, insulated, laid down ceramic tile and even installed new switch plates. Throughout the renovations, we’ve put in eight to ten hour days. The work is very labor-intensive, time-consuming and exhausting. I’ve noticed that at the end of the day, my dad and my boyfriend both complain over sore backs and knees. They barely have the energy to get out of bed the next morning. During the day, they take long breaks. My mother and I never get tired. We are always ready to start the next project. I think the difference is that she and I workout every morning. Even during the remodeling process, we get up extra early to make time for our fitness routine. We take the opportunity to thoroughly stretch our muscles. We elevate our heart rate, get our hearts pumping and keep fit. We are strong and healthy. The constant squatting, lifting and demands of the remodeling projects are no problem for us. It’s a bit aggravating that my 55 year old mother has more stamina than my 29 year old boyfriend. She is in better physical condition than he is. She has less complaints over exhaustion and soreness than he does. Despite all this, I still can’t convince him of the importance of working out.
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Joining a gym and gaining confidence

When I wanted to get into better physical shape, I joined a gym. I was a little intimidated by the atmosphere in the gym. Everyone seemed to be super fit and healthy. They all appeared to know what they were doing. I had no idea how to go about working out. I’d never been all that physically active before. The endless rows of machines were a mystery to me. I had no clue how to properly utilize them. I wasn’t even sure how to adjust the seat or amount of weight. Even the most basic treadmill offers all sorts of options, settings and adjustments. I was worried about making a fool out of myself or even getting injured. I started by buying myself a workout wardrobe. I hoped that looking like a fitness expert would give me more confidence. I spent a small fortune on all sorts of shorts, tanks and even specially designed socks to wick away moisture. I also bought myself a new pair of sneakers that cost more than my gym membership. Once I arrived at the gym, I headed straight for a treadmill. I knew I could figure out how to simply run. I spent an hour on the treadmill, alternating between running and walking. I made sure to watch other people and learn from them. I gradually started to understand how the various equipment operated. I gradually tried out the stationary bike, elliptical and rowing machine. I eventually moved on to the weight lifting machines and free weights. It took me a while to build up the courage to sign up for group fitness classes. At first, I stood in the very back of these classes. I’ve now gained enough confidence that I stand in the front.
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