Bought portable AC in the middle of the night at friends house

I never want to be the kind of lady who insults her hosts if they’re gracious enough to welcome me into their house.

  • However, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being with somebody who makes unnecessary rude comments about the living conditions of an acquaintance or family member when they are very kindly giving you a roof over your head.

However, I’ve had this happen numerous times with entitled friends who thought they could make recommendations about the air temperature and air quality control settings while they were in my house. You have no idea how uncomfortable it is when they begin adjusting the control device or suggest modern heating and cooling companies at an acquaintance or family members’ house. This is why I always keep my mouth closed even if I’m incredibly uncomfortable in someone else’s house. Recently, this was the case when an enjoyable pal kindly provided me a place to stay for the evening. Unfortunately, he did not mention that his air conditioning plan had been failing, so apparently the central HVAC plan was over 12 years old and the air conditioning device was affected by wear and tear. It was not providing high-quality indoor air no matter how it was adjusted. When I arrived at his house, it was warm and muggy, however I didn’t want to insult him by saying anything about his air conditioning. Instead, I waited until the evening when I could sneak out of his house and purchase a portable AC device so I could finally get some sleep.


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