Brazilian Wax Not Available in My Small Town

I wanted to have a Brazilian wax prior to going on holiday. My friends plus I had discussed going to the beach all Winter long. Both of us couldn’t wait to get away for our holiday plus head to the beach. When you live in the north, you spend 95% of your Winter in jeans and pants. You wear whatever is going to keep you sizzling plus warm. I shouldn’t admit it, but I don’t even shave my legs in the winter. Now that going to the beach is almost here, I need to get ready for my new bathing suit. I called multiple of our nearby spas, however none of them can wax anything other than your eyebrows. I wanted a total waxing. I had to go into the city. While looking for a salon that offered Brazilian waxing, I found a website that provided a recipe for wax made with sugar. It showed the whole procedure for how to wax from home. The recipe called for sugar, water, lemon juice and a few essential oils. I was going to do my Brazilian wax in the privacy plus comfort of my bedroom. I had the sugaring agent prepared, plus it was cooling. I believed I was ready to begin, but I thought about the pain that came with waxing. I wasn’t sure I could put that pain on myself. I had 1 strip in location over the sugaring. I washed it away and instead called the salon in the city, to make an appointment for a Brazilian wax. I scheduled the appointment for a month before we were heading to the beach.