Dad bought a window-mounted cooling system with a remote for her home salon

Mum had a promising job as a hairdresser before meeting our dad. She was fresh out of cosmetology school when she got pregnant. Since dad was in the army, she had to put her dreams on hold & relocate with him. They lived all across the world until she passed away in the line of duty. After the funeral, mum opted to transport near our sister & set up her home salon, then every one of us were all supportive & proud of her. Her home had a giant pool condo which she converted to a salon & bought a window-mounted cooling system. She started doing her hair in different styles, which attracted many clients. Luckily, she had bought a quality cooling system that provided regular ventilation. The Heating & A/C plan was the latest model that she could control using a remote. Not only that, one could access it using an app. Her salon had wonderful air quality despite using different products & equipment. One summer, the window mini-split started making a clicking noise. It seemed there was a loose part inside. Since she couldn’t dismantle it, mum opted to call an Heating & A/C serviceman to do regular repairs. The A/C repair wasn’t as expensive as she would thought, which was a giant relief for her new business. As a result, she signed a 2-year contract with the A/C supplier for usual service. An cooling system mechanic would come to check her mini-split A/C twice a year. Every one of us decided to chip in & get her a 24-hour emergency care package as a bonus. That way, she can get the A/C component fixed as soon as possible. I liked it alot since it also functioned as a dehumidifier leaving the salon comfortable for all clients. After some time, she had enough clients to transport & find a space in town.

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