Didn’t fly but still got on the road and found wonderful Heating as well as A/C as well

The pandemic really changed things up a bit for me.

Okay, that’s a bit of a wild understatement.

Like all the people, I had to deal with all sorts of swings to my normal to deal with Covid. And I’m undoubtedly much a creature of habit. I appreciate working in the office and coming beach house to the a/c of my beach house to relax. So when they closed our offices and I had to work from beach house in my a/c, I knew that was not going to be the end of swings for work. That’s because I’m unable to do all my work from the heating and cooling comfort of my home. I undoubtedly have to be onsite to implement the unusual services our supplier provides. Normally, that would include multiple supplier trips per week. Again, normally that would mean flying to my supplier destination for a few afternoons and then flying back to my a/c at home. Well, there was no flying for myself and others even though the airlines were installing HEPA air filters. So that meant weeks on the road to do what I needed to get done for our buyers. But I will say that traveling in the zone controlled Heating as well as A/C of my car was far more preferable to flying. Sure it took longer to travel, but it was much less hassle. And I found the sort of hotels that offer the best, most consistent quality heating and air I have ever found. With as much as I travel, finding consistently excellent heating and cooling is a giant discovery for me.



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