During the maintenance appointment, every one of us found out about the HVAC duct

My fiance and I called a local HVAC provider to perform a maintenance tune-up on our heating and cooling equipment.

It was close to the end of fall and I knew the weather was going to get colder and much more icy.

I didn’t want to wait until I was using the oil furnace everyday to make the appointment. I wanted to be cabin when the tune-up occurred, but I got called away to work at the last minute. I left my fiance there to handle everything. Honestly, neither a single of us expected any exhausting news from the maintenance provider because our heating and cooling machine were laboring just fine. I was surprised when I received a call from my fiance. The heating and cooling worker evaluated our HVAC duct during the maintenance appointment and the woman found a bunch of problematic areas that needed attention. The worker wanted to perform the repairs instantly, however my fiance decided to call myself and others for advice. I would have normally taken some time to get a second opinion, however my fiance and I have been using the same HVAC provider for the past many years. They provide excellent maintenance and quality repairs. I told my fiance to let them make the repairs now. They were still laboring on the HVAC duct repairs when I got cabin from my meeting. The worker took some time to show myself and others all of the areas that needed repairs. She found many holes and a location where the HVAC duct was barely attached to the next joint. I honestly wonder why no a single found the damage during the last tune-up inspection.


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