Election signs

We certainly didn’t want the opponent to have his signs up before ours.

I recently got very involved in a local campaign for town mayor. I helped with calling up voters and print materials. I was in charge of having signs printed and getting permission to set them up around the community. We hoped to have our signs strategically placed for optimum impact and visibility. We needed signs that people who quickly notice and easily read. We hoped to present our candidate in the best possible light. I started by taking pictures of our candidate. I discovered that he doesn’t photograph well. Getting a flattering picture where he looked honest, approachable and yet dignified was difficult. I spent several hours taking photos of him in different outfits, poses and locations. We also needed to come up with a campaign slogan, choose colors and determine a font for all of the print materials. The whole process was extremely time-consuming as well as frustrating. There were lots of arguments over ridiculous details among our group of volunteers. I then started consulting with a print company to make sure the signs would be the proper size and hold up to our local weather. I was also working from a fairly limited budget. I hoped to be able to afford as many signs as possible, which meant sacrificing a bit of quality. I worried about the timeline of receiving the materials. It was extremely important to get our signs up as soon as possible. We certainly didn’t want the opponent to have his signs up before ours. When the print materials finally arrived, it was a disaster. They had misspelled our candidate’s name. Because of that, however, they rushed the order of the new signs and significantly reduced the price.


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