Ever since quarantine kicked off, venues have been slow to open around here, then everyone is doing their best to navigate this new world and that means making some swings. My family and I own an Italian food restaurant… The two of us specialize in spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, and pizza. The two of us have a full service menu and all of us have a kitchen, take out, and delivery services. The two of us had to give up serving food when it came to quarantine, but now things are starting to open back up and our family and I have to come up with a plan so all of us can open for company and still keep our customers safe and healthy, but i recommended that all of us install an air filtration system in the kitchen. My dad was cheerful with the plan and thought it was fantastic, but my Dad panicked when she saw how much money it would cost. The two of us talked about the decision for a full month, and then our Dad was enjoying the news and changed her mind. A local restaurant opened early and they had several positive cases in the first week. That was all our Dad was needing to see for her to change her mind about the air filtration system. The two of us called a special Heating and A/C company that works on commercial restaurant systems. My Dad happily wrote the check to the company so she could start the installation process. It took a few nights to get the air filtration components set up, but everything is ready to go now. I hope the buyers will not be put off the loud hum from the UV air purifiers. The two of us put out a lot of cash to make these indoor air replaces and keep our buyers safe.

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