Finding a new career with cleaning service

The past year has been a crazy one.

  • On that I think we can all agree.

The pandemic has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people. While I’m thankful to have not become ill or lose a family member, I’ve still been hurt. I was a restaurant manager. My restaurant was awesome and I loved what I did for a living. But the pandemic forced the owners to close and I was out of job. After regrouping, I went out and decided to start my own cleaning service. This was sort of a natural idea. Having been in the restaurant business all of my life, I was very well versed in cleaning and organization. When I started to consider what I could do to make a living, it just seemed like a cleaning service would be a natural fit. I started out my posting online as a maid for hire service. This is how I got started. I did carpet cleaning, floor maintenance and other basic cleaning lady things. I was surprised at just how quickly my maid for hire thing took off. Before long, I was working almost full time. The money wasn’t quite the same of course as what I had made as a restaurant manager. But I liked the schedule and the freedom I had having my own cleaning service. I have now grown to have a few commercial cleaning accounts. This is really exciting as I am now getting to where I am hiring on part time help. It’s amazing to have this cleaning service come out of the wreckage of my career. But I’m sure thankful cleaning services are in demand.


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