Food delivery services are quite popular now.

Since the pandemic began, I haven’t been to a restaurant or even to a fast-food restaurant.

My husband is a germaphobe, and this has made it even difficult to get takeout.

He is afraid that if someone else is handling the food, he may get the virus. Everything we purchase gets washed off with sanitizer before it comes into the house. We wear masks and gloves when we pick up our groceries, and neither comes off until we get the groceries wiped off and in the house. He then sanitizes his hands before removing the mask, and the mask, along with his clothing, goes right into the washer, along with my clothing. I feel like I am living with a prison warden more than a husband, but I haven’t even had a cold this year. Last week, I was reading an article about meal delivery services. I read about the companies that deliver meals that are precooked or that I would have to cook. I also read about how popular the food delivery services have become because of the pandemic. I was talking to my husband, and I told him how hungry I was for the food of my favorite restaurant. I told him they were doing meal delivery to our area. I was hoping he would tell me to have it delivered. He asked if the meal delivery drivers used gloves and had masks on even while in the car. I knew my hope of having a meal delivered to the house was not going to happen, just from the questions he was asking.

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