Get great HVAC comfort for your overnight road trip

There is no doubt that we are not the traditional type family. My immediate family sure looks and acts different than the one I grew up with. In our home, it’s expected and important to be just who you are. Both parents work and have outside interests. The kids are busy but still have time to be kids. It may look a bit different but it truly works for us. A big part of our paradigm is getting out of the HVAC comfort of home. We are all big on taking long weekends to get out and explore. Adventure is an important component of how we choose to live our lives. The kids are old enough to join in on the planning and we just hit the road. Now that there is zone controlled heating & cooling in the car, everybody is comfortable. We allow for a bunch of spontaneity when we go on these road trips. However, we do have one rule that we stick to. It has to do with where we stay when we are on the road. It’s a unanimous decision to not stay in big hotels. There are two big reasons for this. The room rate cuts into our fun budget and we aren’t particularly fond of the HVAC in those hotels. That’s why it’s so easy to agree on staying in the awesome small hotels off the interstate. They are clean, comfortable and really reasonable. However, they also have the most consistent HVAC of all our lodging experience. Those rooms are consistently heated and cooled to our total satisfaction.

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