Getting into shape with my dog

When I adopted Sheeba from the animal shelter, it came on a whim.

I was lonely on Valentine’s Day and decided for no reason in particular to go look at some dogs and cats to cheer myself up.

I had no intention of coming home with an animal, but then I met Sheeba. She was sweet as pie, but didn’t like other dogs so was labeled a “problem” and had been in doggy jail for almost a year. I could not resist, it felt like I was the right person in the right place at the right time to save this adorable dog from certain death. Since then I have become more active, and exercise more than I ever have before in my life. It is no good for a dog to sit cooped up every day, they need exercise and lots of water and healthy food. While I had never given a damn about my own physical fitness before, I found myself very concerned about hers. As the owner of this pet, if I wanted her to have good physical fitness then I had to start doing the same thing! Out daily walks got longer and longer, finally getting so long I had to bring extra water so she could stay hydrated during out exercise periods. I have seen that at a local gym they have pet friendly gym classes, including yoga classes, but I don’t know that Sheeba is ready for something like that. Perhaps for now we will keep our exercise regimen strictly between the two of us.

Cross fit gym