Getting the air ducts cleaned

I know it may seem appreciate a common sense thing to have your air ducts cleaned, however it just wasn’t something that occurred to me! Plus I know it may sound gross however my house isn’t exactly the cleanest, I have a lot of pets, which means lots of hair getting into the air vents and they do make messes as pets will do; This may sound odd, but I always thought the vents were self-worked on and that the a/c method somehow cleaned them… Don’t ask me how that would have worked because I would have been unable to tell you, however it is what I thought for the longest time, but it wasn’t until I noticed that the air conditioning method was just barely blowing any air that I became concerned.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I did nothing about it, however after a week nothing improved and so I decided to call the heating and a/c specialist to come out and take a look at it; When the heating and cooling professional arrived he took a look at the air conditioner, and then the cooling professional told me he wanted to check the air ducts. When he checked the air ducts, he found the source of the problem, the air ducts were severely plugged and needed a cleaning, I paid the price to have them cleaned, and the air duct taken care of, and afterwards I had nice wash air flowing through once again and the house now cooled appreciate it was supposed too. It was nice to have my a/c back, I wouldn’t want to face the heat separate from it.

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