Giving the receptionist our space heating system

If there is 1 person in our office that deserves a space heater, it is the receptionist.

She sits up front all day while the door opens & closes.

In the Winter months, it can become overwhelmingly cold at the front desk where the receptionist works all day. Some people are good toiling in a cold section however some people like to labor in a warmer environment. As an office administrator, I assume it is crucial for employees to be comfortable while they are at work. Without people being comfortable at work, they are not going to be as productive. I am sure that when people are more comfortable at work, they are more likely to do their work. When I am cold in our office, all I can assume about is being cold. I got the receptionist a space heating system recently because I know how cold it can get up front. There is only 1 temperature control for the entire building & I know that the front desk can get really cold. The space heating system is really necessary for the reception area. I was up there filling in for her Last monthwhile she was at an appointment & noticed just how cold it can be up front… Knowing the receptionist, I know that she would not have asked for a space heating system for her workspace on her own. I am happy that she is toiling with us so I was ecstatic to get her a space heater. She easily seems to like the proposal of keeping her space sizzling with the space heater.


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