Going to the penguin exhibit

For a class field trip, our school took us to the zoo, which is a respected field trip spot.

  • While most of the kids oohed and ahed at all of the exotic doves, reptiles and other pets, I had one main thing on our mind, the penguin exhibit! Penguins have always fascinated me, they are legitimately interesting little doves.

Especially since they are apparently not afraid of people and you can pet them and stuff. I wandered away from the rest of our group and eventually found the sign who led to the penguin exhibit. I entered and was instantaneously greeted with an icy frosty breeze. I instantaneously started shivering. Wow! I knew it was going to be cold, even though I didn’t guess it was going to be this cold. I could genuinely see our breath in this room! I abruptly moved on over to the actual penguins, and one was right up close and center. I got to pet the glass, and pretend that I was genuinely petting the penguin. My breath was fogging up the glass and I was cold so I left in a hurry. When I was done, I went up to our teacher and asked how they make it so cold. My teacher explained that they had some advanced HVAC systems that blew icy frosty cooling air 24/7 for the penguins. I was fascinated. This led myself and others to trying this at home, and turning our own air conditioning down as far as it would go, which our parents didn’t appreciate. Sure enough, our home became super frosty from the air conditioning! I kind of became fascinated with heating and cooling units afterwards.

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