Going with long term HVAC method

We definitely went all in on the HVAC

I am among those that are really fortunate to be living right where they grew up and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. There is a deep feeling inside me that I was born exactly right where I needed to be. I have good friends who are native to this area that just abhor the winter here. The are tough winters, there is no denying that. And if you hate winter, you’re probably cooped up inside the HVAC all winter. That’s no fun so I get it. However, while the winter is indeed cold and long, I really love it. I adore the snow and I like to ski and ice skate. There is plenty to do for fun during the winter. That’s why I can’t imagine living my life anywhere else. My husband and I recently built our first house. And the HVAC method we chose is a prime example of our commitment to living here the rest of our lives. We chose the geothermal HVAC method for our new home. This HVAC method uses the near constant temperature of the earth as a foundation for heating & cooling. It can extract heating and cooling energy from the earth’s temperature. This was an HVAC system that has a pretty high upfront cost. But, it will be so worth it. First, we will enjoy the truly significant HVAC cost savings that geothermal heating & cooling provides. Second, the geothermal units normally last well over 30 years. We definitely went all in on the HVAC. But, it only makes sense considering we aren’t leaving.
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