Great value in preventive HVAC maintenance

It’s a constant effort to be sure that I am getting my money’s worth when it comes to all of our spending.

That effort is made doubly tough when you have a houseful of teenagers.

They will spend money like it’s going out of style. And then shamelessly ask for more. But, I have to say they are really good kids so I can’t be too hard on them about their money spending habits. There will be a time soon enough that they will have to worry about their own finances. However, there are plenty of essential items that need to be kept in top working order and that takes money. If I have invested money in it, I am definitely going to take care of it. That goes for the HVAC as well. The HVAC unit that came with the house hadn’t been properly maintained and we ended up having to replace it. My wife and I consulted an HVAC contractor and put a lot effort into finding a really good replacement HVAC. That did not come without a price tag. However, I totally view something like that as an investment. And I make sure that I protect my investments. So, we have had our HVAC unit inspected and serviced on a seasonal basis. That means we have the HVAC guy come out in the late fall and again in the spring to ensure the HVAC is in prime shape. It’s worth every penny because we will enjoy this HVAC unit for years and years to come due to the care its been given.

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