HVAC management no longer up to me

Tech finally came through for me on this one.

I love it when something gets taken off my plate. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be a big one. Just something that I no longer have to be accountable for. This is one of the joys of life for me. That might say something about my life in fact. I’m just busy like all the time. And between family, career and all my other responsibilities, it’s tough to fit it all in. I find it kind of interesting how technology was supposed to make that all better. I remember hearing, at the turn of the century, just how technology was about to free us all up. We were going to have all this time to relax in the HVAC comfort of our homes. Let the technology take care of the rest. Well, it seems like it went the other way as far as I can see. The more tech advances, the more busy my life becomes. I’m just constantly available and any time saved with technology is then filled up by some other function of technology. It’s weird. However, I do have to tip my cap to tech when it comes to my HVAC. I finally don’t have to worry over the management of my HVAC system thanks to the smart thermostat. Tech finally came through for me on this one. Where I live, if you don’t really monitor the thermostat, HVAC comfort can get real expensive. With the smart thermostat, I can now turn those worries over. This thing does an amazing job of very precisely managing the HVAC output in our home.

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