I am glad for a short term housing option

It seems to be true that if you think stuff is hard now, just wait until later.

This is honestly coming through in our life at the moment.

Yet, we are going forward with a grateful perspective each and every day of life. It honestly did get about as poor as it can get. But thanks to short term housing that we found, we have the opportunity to gather our life and start again. My new home was recently burned to the ground and it was a complete and utter loss. All that honestly matters is the fact that everyone was safe and nobody was hurt. But we were left with just about nothing. Looking for apartments to rent near me did not go all that well. But, my family could not just live in a hotel indefinitely. The company I work for was nice enough to let us use the corporate housing for a week, but we knew that we had to get more settled in order to get on with our lives again. I was in need of some affordable housing that I didn’t have to sign a year’s lease for. A good neighbor found us some great month to month rental options near where our other home had been and this gave the kids easier access to their schools. Also, it was really good to be back in a regular environment. It turned out to be just great for us, with bedrooms for us and for all of the kids. And although it was a bit cramped, it still felt like we all had a new home if only temporarily. Short term housing allowed us to all feel like we were able to start picking up the pieces again.

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