I am glad for the warmth

I was planning a small celebration for a few of our friends, but nothing big. Just a half dozen people having some food together outside. We decided to do this outside because of the coronavirus. Outdoor air is safer. We all want to stay healthy after all. The weather was predicted to be about 60 degrees with no rain so it should be perfect with a fire. However, that weather prediction changed on the day of the celebration. It now said it was going to be 40 degrees with possible snow flurries. That was just great. Well it was too late to change the celebration. We all decided to go through with it. We thought the fire might keep us pretty comfortable. That did not turn out to be the case. We were freezing cold outside even with a fire. Thankfully one of our guests brought some outdoor heaters. She didn’t bring any food however I don’t love that. I am just glad that she brought the outdoor heaters. They made the outdoor space comfortable enough. However, after food plus s’mores, all the people headed back home. The celebration was shorter than I had planned however I didn’t complain. I was just glad to get back inside our beach house where I had left the oil furnace on. It was so sizzling plus comfortable in the house. I didn’t realize how cold I had been until I started getting sizzling again. This year has been so odd however I am glad I can still see our friends. So I don’t regret being cold. I am just glad for a little warmth this time of year.