I couldn’t get the heating to work.

Last year, our entire family got together plus went to our family house for the holidays.

I had told our grandkids how I used to take their mommy plus daddy to the mountains plus every one of us would spend the day sledding, or building snowmen.

We would come back to the house plus make boiling chocolate plus s’mores in the fireplace. My kids decided they wanted to care about another Christmas love they had with their own children. I packed up enough belongings for a week plus headed up to the cabin. I wanted it to be clean plus tidy before the family had arrived. It was the first time I had been to the house in almost five years. The last time had been before our hubby passed away. The same wood pile was still on the purchase, waiting to be used in the fireplace. I walked into the house plus I was shocked at the mess I saw. I had to get the electricity turned on, the fireplace lit plus get the water pump running so I could clean. The next day, our child came up to help. I had to sleep under five blankets, since I wasn’t able to get the gas furnace running. She helped myself and others to get the electricity turned on, plus every one of us soon had boiling water for cleaning. The fireplace was lit to put some added warmth in the house as she tested the gas furnace. It took us nearly three days to get the venue able to be used again. The bunk beds were repaired plus there was room for all the people to sleep. Thanks to our son, the Heating as well as A/C company, the gas furnace was laboring, the air vents were critter free, plus every one of us had heat in every room.

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