I definitely should not have helped the customer on Saturday

Wednesday afternoon I was working at my regular job as an HVAC repair technician. My boss sent me out to a residential job to give a customer an estimate on an AC repair. I had to give the customer bad news. The lady needed a brand new blower motor for the AC unit. It was going to cost about $1,200 for the parts and labor. When the lady saw the estimate for the AC repair, she almost fainted. She told me that she could not afford that price for that job and she sent me on my way. I called my boss as soon as I left the house and he was disappointed that we did not end up getting the job. On Saturday, I received a telephone call from someone that needed help with their heating and cooling unit. I always offer help and expertise on the weekend, but I have never run into an occasion where it was the same customer from my other job. I went to help the customer on Saturday and I immediately recognized the address. When I got to the HVAC job, I found out that that customer wanted me to install the blower motor for a cheaper price. The lady already purchased the blower motor and she only needed someone to install the parts. She begged me to give her a better price and I didn’t know what to do. I put myself in a terrible predicament, and I ended up helping that lady with an HVAC job. I sure hope my boss never finds out that I did that side job.

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