I got used to not having air conditioning

In describing my childhood, the word “austere” comes to mind, & so does “spartan.” In other words, we were dirt poor, & had very little aside from four walls & a roof.

My parents were kindly farmers, & there was never any lack of prefer & affection, & so I realize now how lucky I was. What we had in heartfelt family bonds. we lacked in material possessions. The shack we lived in was built by my dad, & she wasn’t a very good carpenter… Our water came from a well, & the only means we had of heating it was on the wood burning stove .That stove also served as our furnace, & was the only heating source we had for the cold winters, however going away to university some years later was a bit of a culture shock, as suddenly I had access to a temperature control, a temperature control system, & permission to make it as comfortable as I liked, but for the first time in my life, I didn’t have to endure whatever the natural temps were, I could adjust a temperature control & make the indoor temps anything I wanted. That sounds boring to you, although I had literally never experienced that before! After the novelty of it wore off, though, I must admit that I didn’t use the air conditioning very much. I had gotten so used to opening up a window for fresh & a cool breeze, that I number one it to the Heating & Air Conditioning system. To this day, I only use the air conditioning when the weather gets extreme.


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