I leave all the heating and cooling up to our heat pump

I’m sure glad that I won’t have to deal with having a central air conditioning unit and a gas furnace. This is a combination that many of our neighbors to the north have in their homes. I recently visited a college buddy how lives way up north. Even though it’s mid summer, he was still actively preparing for winter. While he has the aforementioned gas furnace, he also has a back up heating system as well. And we spent a few days together prepping the plan B heating system. That would be cutting and splitting wood for his wood stove. Honestly, it was quite fun to be out in the woods with my friend and we’re both active so putting up wood was a fun activity. And having beers in the air conditioning after that work made it even sweeter. However, it really was a stark reminder that I have it really good with my choice of residence. There is only one piece of HVAC equipment that I have to worry about and that’s my heat pump. It’s really just the perfect HVAC technology for our heating and cooling needs. The winter we experience is quite mild. Still, there are cold snaps that require a big of heating. And the heat pump is more than up to that task. But it’s the air conditioning that the heat pump is really made for. That’s because this HVAC technology actually pumps heat out of the house to make room for cooling air. The heat pump does this so well and in such an efficient, reliable manner. I’m very thankful to live where I do and that I can count on the heat pump all year.



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