I like people that are strongly opinionated

I like people with a lot of passion and spirit, and not the sort of folks who can just roll with the punches and appease the desires of others.

When I was looking for a fiance I knew that I wanted a lady who would happily express themself and think independently.

I realized early on that it was undoubtedly pressing for me to date someone with large opinions, but, down the road I did not realize how challenging this opinionated personality would be. Apparently, putting 2 or more strong personalities under a single roof is harsh and causes fights, all the way down to your central A/C system. For years, my fiance and I have been at odds when it comes to our temperature control settings. We never see eye to eye on the temperature control program as it relates to our financial concerns and individual indoor air quality preferences. I am constantly trying to decrease the temperature control usage, while she blows out the whole house. This means, our bad central heating, cooling and ventilation system spends a lot of energy alternating between differing temperature control options. We have been routinely fighting about the additional wear and tear that we put on our HVAC system for the past decade. At some point it became necessary for us to consider either divorce, or replacing the indoor air handling devices. That’s when we came up with a solution. Zone controlled heating and cooling has saved our marriage. We have temperature controls in every room and separate temperature systems to make those air conditions a reality. The best part? We spend little time together to engage in bickering from our distinct zones of comfort.

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