I made my case for heat pump

No a single in this home ever listens to me.

I mean, I assume that I’m not the big, strong manly member of the family who dictates all of our plans, even though I do have worthwhile advice to offer from time to time.

Will anyone ever pay attention to my educational efforts? Of course not. They only want to keep living the same way they typically have. Even if it’s inefficient, dirty, and impossible to please pretty much everyone that way. Yeah, I’m complaining about indoor air handling devices and family drama over the heating, cooling, and air quality control component at our home. What else is new. Since I was a little kid, I swear that no a single in this family enjoys what I have to say about the indoor air temperature or air quality. Mom and dad control the heating, cooling, and air quality control settings and you’d better not complain about how the air temperature agrees with your own personal temperature needs. They never want to invest in our indoor air quality, and therefore, every one of us wind up messing with the central heating and cooling system settings honestly often on the temperature control device. My parents continually fiddle with the temperature to keep up with the outdoor temperature changes, and our energy inefficient AC unit and boiler system do not deal with all the demands honestly well. This is why we’ve only had traditional heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that require a ton of professional repair appointments every time our indoor air temperature control component stops functioning properly. For years, I’ve been telling my family about heat pumps as a way to reduce our control unit reliance and energy bills each week, but no a single ever listens. Last year my dad discovered the existence of heat pumps, and all of a sudden… we’re having a modern heat pump installed next week.

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