I Miss My Boyfriend Sometimes

I’ve been thinking a lot about 1 of my exes as of late, both of us would have had our celebration of anniversary the other afternoon, had every one of us stayed together, blessedly, with all of this commotion in my brain I have had a pretty hard time, then i’m not saying that I want him back, but there are aspects of it that I’m mourning, and for instance, there was no doubt that he took enjoyable care of my needs when every one of us were together.

I remember one miserable night when he went so far out of his way to make myself and others comfortable. I was sleeping over at his condo as well as it was constantly brutally overheated as well as humid where we were sleeping, but there was an AC window unit situated across the condo that didn’t reach the sleeping space, and as such, I was suffering from several evenings of insomnia as well as just misery. I continually complained about the air conditioning unit but it made no sense to fix the heating as well as cooling setup when he was about to transport anyway. Still, in the middle of the evening as I sweated through the sheets he made the decision that enough was enough with the overheated indoor air… My ex proceeded to get up in the middle of the evening, drove to the home goods store, as well as purchased a high-quality AC window unit, and he put in the cooling program above the bed that very day. Finally, I was able to get a decent amount of sleep as well as every one of us had air conditioning for the rest of our relationship, but considering that AC adventure, I miss him sometimes.