I treat everybody with dignity & respect, just how it should be

I remember how challenging things were back in school. I had a particular instructor that unquestionably didn’t like the students for some reason. It made myself and others wonder why somebody would become a instructor if they hated doing that genre of work. Whenever the people I was with and I would have a test, the instructor would purposely turn up the heating idea to make everybody sweat. It was borderline cruel & odd punishment, but this instructor didn’t care. The instructor never got in trouble because the temperature control settings were at 69 degrees which wasn’t considered to be dangerous. It was overheated, but not to a drastic degree. Still, I told my parents about this treatment from the instructor & a few other students complained too. Eventually, the pressure from the parents complaining about this instructor forced the principal’s hand. She eventually had a stern talk with that instructor & said she had to keep the temperature control settings reasonable. She ended up leaving the temperature control settings at 70 which was much better. Still not as comfortable as most other classrooms in the school, but all of us considered that a small victory. Still, it didn’t stop that instructor from making everybody angry with extra homework & really strict grading. I was fortunate to make my way out of that class with a B, & that sincerely was the highest grade in the class! Nobody had an A at all & I thought that was really ridiculous. These days, I am a instructor. I make it a point to have excellent temperature control settings & treat the students with dignity & respect.

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