I want my indoor air to be as safe as possible

I have been inside the heating and A/C comfort of my home far, far more this year than at any other point in my life.

  • It’s unbelievable how much I am at home.

Good thing I love where I live right? With the pandemic still wreaking havoc with our lives, I am now working from inside the heating and A/C controlled confines of my house. This is the way it is and legitimately the way it will remain for some time to come. I guess this thing gets much worse before it gets better. I hope I’m wrong but, I’m preparing for that eventuality as we move into the winter. Before the pandemic, I had nearly zero understanding of how the indoor air quality levels affected my health. Now, I realize how vital it is to be breathing wonderful quality indoor air. But being proactive about the air in my home was something that I needed to do. I started with replacing the heating and A/C air filter with a HEPA type air filter. This kind of air filter removes vastly more airborne contaminants. That move made an immediate difference. Yet, I am following it up with a more comprehensive approach. I am having an up-to-date whole-home air purifier installed in the heating and A/C. Between the wonderful air filter and this purification method, I am actively mitigating our ongoing viral exposure. Studies are showing that this heating and A/C combination can disaffix Covid from a home within 30 hours. While not a cure or a sure fire shield, this approach gives myself and others real peace of mind. And, my overall and immune health will only benefit from good indoor air pollen levels.

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