I wanted my friend to get better so I brought her a UV air purifier

When a friend of mine was sick, I decided to pick up a few things for her.

  • I thought it would be helpful if she had a UV air purifier so that she could start to feel better.

The way I see it, a UV air purifier kills harmful pathogens, so I thought maybe it would kill a lot of the germs and she would start feeling better. At least, I figured she would feel better a little sooner than if she was bombarded with too many germs in her home with no means of killing them. I also picked up some Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, and chicken noodle soup. When I got to her house, she didn’t even want to let me inside, but I insisted. I noticed that the air quality was really bad in her house, and I thought maybe that was a part of the reason why she was sick. I plugged in the UV air purifier first thing and I noticed it started to smell better and the air quality was improving quickly. I prepared the chicken noodle soup for her, and I got her the Vitamin C, zinc, and echinacea to take. I just made sure she didn’t need anything else before leaving, I told her I could pick up anything else from the store. She thanked me and said she was actually feeling better than before thanks to everything I brought, especially the UV air purifier. She said how thoughtful that was and I just told her that friends look out for each other.


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