I was looking forward to going fishing after the HVAC job

I was actually supposed to have the day off work on Sunday, but my boss decided to call me to ask me to help.

One of the busy Heating plus Air Conditioning machine workers did not show up to work plus my boss needed somebody to help with an upgrade job.

The upgrade job was straight around the corner from my residence… It’s the reason why my boss thought I would be willing to offer a helping hand. I was planning to go fishing with my friends, but we were not going to get out there until much later in the day. I decided I would work a few hours in the morning hours. I packed up my truck plus drove to the jobsite. I met the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine worker, but she was already removing the existing HVAC machine to make room for the current Heating plus Air Conditioning machine. She was a newer employee plus I never worked with her. We only have a few Heating plus Air Conditioning machine workers plus they often work together. Sadly, a few were sick and the one would have been forced to complete the entire upgrade job alone. I lended a helping hand plus both of us were able to get everything finished before I left after lunch. I had just enough time to get the cooler packed with sandwiches plus beer before my buddies got there to pick me up. I honestly wanted to go fishing, so I’m severely happy the job didn’t take all day. I caught a massive bass at the base of the river. It’s definitely the biggest fish I ever caught in the river plus it put up a pretty serious fight. It took roughly 30 minutes to get him on the boat.


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