I’m dying from this severe heat during my commute

Ever since the Spring season came around, I have been agitated… I have to drive 30 minutes to my task in the early morning hours and 30 minutes back to my house each afternoon.

Sadly, my cooling equipment stopped working a few weeks back.

I took my car to a mechanic and the mechanic told me that it was going to cost close to $600 to fix the cooling equipment setback. I do not have quite enough money to cover the cost for the repairs, so I have to go without the cooling equipment for a while! Things were not too awful early on in the spring, however now it is almost June and the outdoor hot and cold temperatures are killing me. The humidity is at 77% everyday and the ride back to my property is terrible… My drive to task at 7 a.m. isn’t really bad, because the sun is still on the way up. My ride back to my property every afternoon is not good in the least and I usually wait in traffic most of the time. I have no breeze coming through the window and I can’t operate the fan inside my car either. I am actually starting to wonder if I will be able to take on the heat once the hot season is in full effect. My parents recently offered to loan me the money to get the cooling system repairs. I can even pay them back over a period of time. I do not enjoy owing them money because I am independant and I happen to live on my own. Still, I might have to swallow my pride and let them help me take care of the cooling equipment problem in my car. Tomorrow, the temperature is forecasted to be roughly 90.



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