I’m glad I saw this article this morning

This morning I actually sat down to read the newspaper for the first time in a long while, but now I’m glad that I did.

I found an article in the back of the paper for a heating preventative maintenance special for only $70.

I thought that this sounded like a really good deal, especially when I saw all of the things that this family owned HVAC company would check for me when you made an appointment with them. The article said that with summer winding down and cold temperatures approaching, now would be the perfect time to have them perform a heating preventative maintenance check on your heating system. I have a gas furnace and the article said that they would do a gas furnace tune up and safety check which would include cleaning the burners, cleaning the pilot light, checking the heat exchanger, checking the main gas valve, adjust the burner and pilot light, adjusting the furnace blower belt, adjusting the furnace controls, checking the safety pilot operation, and checking the oil blower. I thought that all of this sounded like a fantastic deal for that low price and so I called them up and made an appointment. Best of all, they are giving me even more of a discount because I’m a veteran. I told them that right away and they said that they could give me an additional twenty percent off of my HVAC bill. I love it when local companies support and appreciate the military! I’m really glad I happened to see that article in the paper this morning.



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