I’m going to need a furnace much bigger

My wife and I decided to enclose the porch space on our home.

It took two months to complete the project. We removed the back door and some of the wall and added two sets of French doors. When we were done with the project, the place looked great. My wife and I chose new paint for the walls and we updated the flooring. The color scheme and decorations look great and the whole room adds a lot of space for entertainment. A few months ago, we had our first cold winter spell and we turned on the furnace. This was the first time that we used the furnace since we added the double French doors. We were planning to use the furnace to heat the addition as well, but it seems clear that the furnace was working too hard. My wife and I began to notice that the furnace was running all of the time. Even during the middle of the day, the furnace never turned off. That can be bad for the furnace, so I decided to close all of the French doors. Unfortunately, we were still losing a lot of warm air. I called a friend that works as an HVAC contractor. We talked about the furnace and the need to heat the outdoor space. My HVAC contractor friend suggested that I buy a small oil furnace to put in the extra space. I didn’t think oil was a great solution, but I did buy a small electric fireplace for the room. It looks nice and adds a great deal of heat to the space. Now the furnace shuts down more frequently.
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