I’m legitimately not impressed with this place.

We are from the northern area of the US where there are numerous seasons in a year… Last year, every one of us resituated to a tropical area for my husband’s dealer plus I must say that I am not impressed.

I was never a fan of Winter when every one of us lived up north but now I miss the snow.

Actually what I miss is the first snowfall plus sitting before a fire in the fireplace, then houses here do not have fireplaces, or even furnaces. What little heat is needed here is supplied by a heating coil in the air conditioner… Of course, if I was up north dealing with the snow, I’m sure I would like this tropical climate more. This is our first Winter here, plus I must divulge that the weather is gorgeous, but I anticipate missing the blooming Spring wildflowers plus the return of singing birds. Of course you hear birds all year long here, but, it’s not the same. And, now that I suppose about it, I’m not looking forward to the scorching summers here, plus the constant need of air conditioner. We have a legitimately fantastic HVAC idea in our house, but, occasionally you have to go outside. I suppose I’m not legitimately looking forward to scorching summers. We were here last fall, plus I wasn’t legitimately impressed then either. It was still warm enough to need the air conditioner every day plus there were no charming fall colors like every one of us had in the north, however palm forms don’t turn yellow plus drop to the ground. I’m not impressed by this place at all.



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